We introduce high technology through the gelcoat and paints’ application processes, as well as through the CNC cutting of fabrics, furniture, foams and plastics.

The raw materials we use are world class premium quality. This enables us to obtain great structural strength sailboats.

On cockpit you will find details such as stainless steel fittings, guards in the transit areas, stoppers and turnstiles with self tailing on the cabin, van rigging and many details all for the well-being of the crew.


Our objective is bringing sailors comfort, easy cruising and stability every time; no matter if the want to sail alone or in group, the idea is that can do it more hours a year, in a safely way.


We prioritizes comfort, be able to be seated comfortably, safe and protected. Move on deck with space and without bothering the rest of the crew.

Lifting keel and rudder

All of our sailboats have the lifting keel system, preserving the boatyard-spirit; which allows, together with the lifting rudder system, to arrive the boat to the beach or shore and carry to a trailer easily.


Fully trailerable sailboat on account of its lifting appendages, its mast on a folding deck and its low displacement.


The boat is prepared to use either a self-tacking genoa or a conventional rigging system. Self-tacking genoa is perfect to navigate on your own.

As our customers are aware, the conception of this sailing boat is to create a wonderful place to spend time afloat, no matter the weather condition.
Otherwise, we have the “REGATA” version. This new product was create to satisfy expert sailors who want more speed and reaction in each sailing trip.


velero ds24


Fast, elegant and safe; fun and pleasent sailing time guaranteed!



A sailboat that combines the best of cruising without leaving aside the performance of a fast and agile of a racing boat.



Maintaining the concept of succesfull M245 we enhanced all features in this versatile and comfortable 28 ft cruiser-racer



Simplicity, comfort and enjoyment, some of the characteristics that allow the innovation of an already successful model to a sailboat capable of attracting new experts to the sailing world.